Personnel problem consultations

Payroll services -

With the competent help of INBALANCE experts, you can solve cases and problems that arise during the recruitment process, job fulfillment or termination of employment on your own initiative. We will help you make the most effective decisions when it comes to:

  • specification of specific salary, insurance contributions, and activity thresholds, methods of payment;
  • forming an individual contract of employment, with specific requirements for a specific workplace and other specific conditions;
  • ways and methods for determining working hours and holidays;
  • access control and reporting of working hours;
  • consultations on violations of labor discipline and labor order;
  • ways of dismissing, complying with the requirements of the Labor Code;
  • prevention of administrative staff failures leading to material and moral damages;
  • other issues that you encounter in terms of human resources in your company.

INBALACE experts will provide your business with professional advice and decisions on the effective management of your employees.