The team of INBALANCE in Burgas has been providing accounting services for 10 years.
Since its establishment,INBALANCE in Burgas has worked under the name of Viva Trade.In the period between 2012 and 2014 INBALANCE has been a regional partner in the accounting network known as Kreston Bulmar.
Together with our partners we founded the national accounting network INBALANCE Bulgaria in 2015.

As our clients, we provide you with :

  •  accounting services
  •  audit services
  •  consultations concerning tax and trade laws, as well as international trade practices
  •  advice regarding the development of your company
  •  individual solutions specially tailored for the needs of your business

In addition to these services, INBALANCE Burgas offers audit and legal services to their clients in a collaboration with established experts in their field of expertise.
INBALANCE Burgas offers their clients legal advice and service through Hristo Minchev, Radostina Ivanova and Pavlin Ivanov, specialized respectively in commercial, administrative, labor, civil and property law.

We offer services to companies in different branches, as well as companies owned by citizens from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Netherlands, USA and other countries, who take advantage of the tax reliefs in Bulgaria to develop their businesses.

With more than 10 years of expertise in accounting services to domestic and foreign companies, we are confident that we provide top-notch services with guaranteed quality.

Prices for accounting services

Subscription to our accounting company consists of services without additional fees, some of which include:

  •  annual financial report
  •  tax returns
  •  reports entry to the National statistical institute
  •  reports registration to the Commercial register
  •  revisions and verifications

The prices listed on the right panel are basal. Accurate calculation of the price is based on several factors including:

  •  number of employees
  •  number of cash registers
  •  number of bank accounts
  •  synthesis/analysis
  •  number of vehicles & others

Listed prices are in Bulgarian Lev.

The fixed exchange rate of EUR / BGN 1€ = 1.95583lev.
We accept payments in Cash, via MoneyGram, Paypal and by Wire transfer
If you do not find your type of business on the right panel, please contact us -


  • Startup companies - 120 lv.
  • Shop - 200 lv.
  • Warehouse - 250 lv.
  • Grocery shop - 250 lv.
  • Micro consulting company - 150 lv.
  • Small IT/Software company - 250 lv.
  • Small restaurant - 240 lv.
  • Travel agency - 300 lv.
  • Medium sized restaurant - 340 lv.
  • Bar, Club or Pastry shop - 240 lv.
  • Small company/Workshop - 150 lv.
  • Auto service - 250 lv.
  • Pharmacy - 250 lv.
  • Small consulting company - 200 lv.
  • Medium sized IT/Software company - 320 lv.
  • Franchise gas station - 250 lv.
  • Medical center - 320 lv.
For a different offer, please use the contact form