InBalance Bulgaria - is a National Network of Independent Accounting Companies founded in 2015. Together with our partners we have expanded it gradually and covered three major cities in Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv and Bourgas. We are InBalance Sofia - an accounting company established 1999 and operated under the name of Genis Consult. With our 15+ years of experience in the accounting field, we have developed and stricktly followed our company standards and work ethics, which facilitated our contribution to the business growth of our clients. 

Our Mission 

  • To deliver accountable services to our current and potential clients, by providing the latest updates on accounting, legal, tax and audit law amendments and ensuring the smooth and sound business process. 

Our Vision 

  • To build sustainable bonds with our clients
  • To support and reach the level of totally paperless accounting services 
  • To contribute to the development of the business environment in Bulgaria for local and foreign companies. Successful businesses are the foundation of a strong economy. 

Our Values - are inseparable part of our work process. Thanks to our incorporated principles, we manage to sustain solid grounds as one of the best professionals in the busines field. Our core values are: 

  • Superior quality & service - Proven by satisfied clients
  • Competence - Your business is safe with us
  • Integrity - Honesty and transparency is our priority

We offer professional expertise to various industries such as: 

  • Trade 
  • Technology and Telecommunications 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Outsourcing 
  • Professional services
  • Construction & Real Estate 
  • Transport
  • Tourism management  etc.



The accounting background supports our confidence in the provision of competent services to our local and foreign partners. The numerous satisfied clients are the proof for InBalance Sofia's superior quality of services.

Prices for accounting services

InBalance Sofia offers you an access to highly motivated and responsible experts in the finance, accounting, auditing and legal fields. Our prices are competitive and flexible in accordance to the individual needs. The formation of the prices is accustomed to the specifications of your business, that is how you will be offered optimized accounting prices. You provide the data and we balance it.

Monthly subscription fees (Accounting and Payroll)

Not VAT Registered Companies

  •  Up to 20  documents monthly – BGN 100
  •  21 to 40   documents monthly – BGN 120
  •  41 to 80   documents monthly – BGN 150
  •  81 to 120  documents monthly – BGN 170
  •  Over 121 documents – Price is negotiated

VAT Registered Companies

  •  Up to 20  documents monthly – BGN 150
  • 21 to 40   documents monthly – BGN 200
  • 41 to 80   documents monthly – BGN 250
  • 81 to 120 documents monthly – BGN 300
  • Over 121 documents – Price is negotiated


Additional fees may arise due to:

  •  New employee to the company – BGN 15 per person
  •  INTRASTAT traders – BGN 50

The full span of InBalance services you can find Here.

Feel free to Contact us for any additional information regarding your business inquiries and expert representative will return an offer within 24 hours.

Important note! The stated prices above are sample only, Accounting Company InBalance keeps the right to negotiate the final prices with the aim of reaching mutually beneficial agreement based on the individual client needs.

  • Year-end closing - 240 lv.
  • Accounting service without subscription (price per hour) - 50 lv.
  • Registration of legal entities (included State fee, Bank fee, VAT registration) - 250 lv.
  • Appeal of audit penalties - 1000 lv.
  • Accounting and juridical services (price per hour) - 60 lv.
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Our team

Nikolai Petkov
Nikolai Petkov
Managing Partner
Georgi Ivanov
Georgi Ivanov
Managing Partner
Dontka Tsolova
Dontka Tsolova
Georgi Sotirov
Georgi Sotirov
Senior Accountant
Karina Lazarova
Karina Lazarova
Senior Accountant
Gabriela Dencheva
Gabriela Dencheva
Payroll Expert
Stefani Benkova
Stefani Benkova
Junior Accountant
Blagorodna Balabanova
Blagorodna Balabanova